Handanalyse Tarot 

Thank you for visiting this page. It is still under construction but it gives you a short explanation of the cards. 💝

Major Arcana
0 The Fool, One big adventure, take the leap. Like the Chimp does. 

I The Magician, All you need is already within you. Trust this power. The 
II The High Priestess, mysterious listen to your intuition.
III The Empress, Earth Mother, everything around her flourishes.
IV The Emperor, Structure is needed for growth. Stability and discipline.
V The Hierophant, Spiritual authority, wise and traditional.
VI The Lovers, Connect with yourself and others. Heart to heart.
VII The Chariot, to overcome an inner battle connect heart and mind.
VIII Strength, True power is reached through love, gratitude & acceptance towards yourself and others.
IX The Hermit, Solitude in order to find wisdom in yourself.
X Wheel of fortune, what goes around, comes around. Change & movement.
XI Justice, balance, fairness and full awareness.
XII The hanged man, leave old patterns & surrender.
XIII Death, Change is inevitable. Rebirth, transition.
XIV Temperance, Balance is the message. To measure without limitations.
XV The Devil, keep yourself imprisoned. Illusion, narrow minded.
XVI The Tower, Revelation, Awakening. A sudden encounter that shakes your world.
XVII The Star, Enlightenment, hope and rest.
XVIII The Moon, Intuition, trust in your dreams. Moonlight brings clarity in your darkest fears.
XIX The Sun, Play, inner-inner child, Radiate like the sun. Show yourself.
XX Judgement, Rebirth and transformation. Time to rise and answer to the call.
XXI The World, Completion, you have come full circle with a live lesson.  

The Minor Arcana

The Swords (element air)

Ace: provides clarity in a bold way. 

Two: unable to see and feel the truth.

Three: heartache and sorrow. Betrayal from a loved one. 

Four: forced rest to recover & recharge.

Five: Between a rock and a hard place. You can’t win.
Six: leaving a difficult situation to see the different angle.
Seven: misleading or being mislead.
Eight: a false sense of entrapment.
Nine: negative thoughts, guilt do not improve the situation.
Ten: No option left, you have to let go.
Page: listen to the criticism but always follow your heart.
Knight: Take action now.
Queen: you have the power to make your own decisions and stay independent.
King: makes decisions solely based on intellect.

The Wands ( element fire)
Ace: Creativity flow, Inspired new beginning.
Two: Taking action or not? Choose!
Three: Success through stamina and vision
Four:  A long awaited arrival of someone or some thing. Happy Time!
Five:  Struggle, rivalry. Making problems…
Six: Victory, success etc all good!
Seven: Hold your ground
Eight: Go Go Go! Now is the time to step up.
Nine: Endurance will bring triumph, your almost there.
Ten: Overload, more than you can handle. Ask for assistance.
Page: An exciting idea or proposal will be made to you.
Knight: Loves action and adventure, remains independent.
Queen: Loves attention, shows herself. Personal Power.
King: A decisive person with lots of willpower.

The Cups (element water)
Ace: All you need is Love. Love is all there is!
Two: trust & harmony in a relationship.
Three: Time to party, abundance is everywhere.
Four: you do no see what is offered…. Moody
Five: lots is lost, but opportunities remain.
Six: Nostalgia and memories of the past.
Seven: So many things to choose from, choose wisely!
Eight: to grow, you have to leave important things.
Nine: Super content. Stability.
Ten: Happiness, fulfilment, feeling at home.
Page: Loving gesture, reconciliation.
Knight: love is in the air.
Queen: Rules through Intuition en feelings
King: a compassionate en understanding ruler. 

The Pentacles (element earth)
Ace: Successful projects and substantial benefit.
Two: find and keep your balance.
Three: collaborate to build successfully .
Four: Let go and trust yourself.
Five: feeling isolated and without resources. Reach out!.
Six: Give/ receive but keep the balance.
Seven: impatient to reach your goal.
Eight: loosing yourself in learning a new skill.
Nine: Be proud and enjoy your achievement.
Ten: Celebrate your inheritance.
Page: prosperity will be offered
Knight: a solid foundation is provided.
Queen: represents growth. Connected to nature.
King: maintaining wealth through wisdom and goodness.