Thank you for visiting this page. It is still under construction but it gives you a short explanation of the cards. 

Major Arcana

The 22 major Arcana cards are called " the journey of the Fool (0). These are the BIG secrets of Life. When you pull a card every day, and it is a major arcana card, then the cards energy is for a longer period (couple of weeks to a month)

0 The Fool,

One big adventure, take the leap. Your journey starts here!

My Own Tarot: This cheecky looking monkey, is a lot brighter then one would think. He trusts his instincts when he swings from branch to branch.

Totem: Explore, look forward and laugh a lot! 

I The Magician

RW: All you need is already within you. Trust this power. Creativity and energy are flowing abundantly. Use this where necessary.  

My Own Tarot: 8 arms en two hearts, you are already a Magician! The Octopus is an easy adaptor, changes colour to match his surroundings. 

Totem: you have the power to change. The 8 tentacles are a symbol of abundance and infity.

II The High Priestess

RW: Mysterious listen and trust  your intuition. All the answers you need are whithin you, be quiet and listen. 

My Own Tarot: A moth, trust the power of the Moon to find her way.

Totem: The Moth shows you that it is good to embrace your shadow site as well! She is a symbol of transformation. 

III The Empress,

RW: Earth Mother, everything around her flourishes. She is passionate en sensual. Embrace every aspect of life, the good as well as the less good. Use your creativity. 

My Own Tarot: The Wolf always makes the best of a situation by looking for creative solutions. 

Totem: Connect with your inner power and nature. Take the lead in your own life. 

IV The Emperor 

RW: Structure is needed for growth. Stability, responsibility and discipline are the key words for this card. 

My Own Tarot: The Elephant represents power and wisdom and is responsible for "the herd" 

Totem: Reinforce your inner power and stability. 

V The Hierophant

RW: Spiritual authority, wise and traditional. Listen to the teachings of share yours. 

My Own Tarot: The Owl, has always been a symbol of Wisdom. 

Totem: deep inner wisdom and intuition. You see what stays hidden for others. 

VI The Lovers 

RW: True Connection with yourself and others. Be true to yourself and make sure your communication is clear. Listen to your heart. 

My Own Tarot: Swans, partners for live

Totem: Symbol of Love, pureness and grace. Look for these elements in yourself and reinforce them. 

VII The Chariot

RW: To overcome an inner battle connect heart and mind to get on the right track. Did you make the right choice?

My Own Tarot: Like the Buffalo, you are rumbling on. It is fine as long as you keep your balance.

Totem : Large head and powerful body, represents the merging of spirit and earth so that we have access to our abundance.

VIII Strength

RW: True strenghts is not shown through control and power, but through love, appreciation and gratitude. Accept yourself and others with kindness.  

My Own Tarot: The brown bear, symbol of strenghts and protection, but also soft as a teddy bear....

Totem: Sends you protection, courage en power! 

IX The Hermit 

RW: To find the answer in your current situation, you need rest. Retreat,  to take walks, meditate, study,  etc. Do things where you can focus on your feelings and intuition.

My Own Tarot: The Tortoise, secludes itself to avoid fights. Goes his own way and doesn't get rushed.

Totem: symbol for grounding, not letting yourself be rushed. Take your time.

X Wheel of Fortune

RW: What goes up, must come down. Change is coming which you have already initiated yourself, but where you have no longer influence on the outcome. Do you adapt or learn from it?

My Own Tarot: The Chameleon knows how to deal with change like no other.

Totem: Quietly and steadily on the way to change. Clairvoyance

XI Justice  

RW: All your actions create vibrations, good and bad. It's the karma card.

My Own Tarot: Spider in web, knows where its prey is by the vibrations felt in the web.

Totem: The Spider shows you that you can spin your own web, however you want. Think of the web as your life and feel free to create something new over and over again.

XII The Hanged Man

RW: Look at the world "upside down" Take a step back, surrender and just let things happen. Have faith.

My Own Tarot: The Bat. When hanging, they have a better overview to see enemies approaching and to find their prey.

Totem: Just as the bat relies on its "radar", you can rely on your intuition to get where you want to be.

XIII Death

RW: Transformation and change. Let go of the old and focus on the new.

My Own Tarot: The Cobra represents transformation, shedding its old skin to grow again.

Totem: transformation, healing and making choices. If you encounter a Cobra then you no longer have time to think, you have to make a decision quickly, you do that by listening to your inner voice.

XIV Temperance

RW: The message is Balance! Learn to keep pace without limiting yourself.

My Own Tarot: The Zebra, the coat of the Zebra is black and white in perfect balance. The stripes are different for every zebra and thus provides its own identity.

Totem: The zebra represents vision and uniqueness. Stick to yourself and the plans you are making...

XV The Devil

RW: You're holding yourself captive. That could be because of fear, limiting beliefs or whatever. In any case, it makes you feel trapped. The only one who can change this is you by making choices. And show who you really are.

My Own Tarot: The Mask. The characteristics of The Devil cannot be found in animals, hence a human with a mask.

Totem: the mask represents unrecognizability. Is there someone who doesn't show you completely or.... don't you show yourself as you really are?

XVI The Tower

Revelation, Awakening. A sudden encounter that shakes your world.

RW: You have your back against the wall, you have to put aside your ego in order to continue on your path. The "Aha" moment in triplicate. Provides you with new insights.

My Own Tarot: Scorpio: Represents spiritual awakening by getting rid of "the poison" within you.

Totem: exposes that which is hidden.

XVII The Star, Enlightenment, hope and rest.

RW: The star will lead you where you want to be. Usually comes after a somewhat confusing period. The star gives hope and peace.

My Own Tarot: Firefly, a light in the dark. The "blinking" happens in a certain rhythm to communicate with other fireflies.

Totem: You are a light for others, but keep an eye on yourself, fire must also keep burning for yourself.

Song: Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star


RW: Intuition, trust in your dreams. The moon is asking you to face your deepest fears so that you can continue on your path of development. What could help you on that path?

My Own Tarot: Crow, urges you to discover your "own light" in the dark.

Totem: Stay "grounded" and aware of what is happening around you. Trust the Universe.

XIXThe Sun, Play

RW: The sun tells you to shine, radiate! Show yourself as you really are. Play and do what makes you happy. Inner Child.

My Own Tarot: Dolphin, radiant of itself, dances and has the eternal smile.

Totem: play, see with your heart and feel free!


RW: Answer to the outside call to rise and free yourself. You are urged to tap into your creative and spiritual resources.

My Own Tarot: The butterfly, evolves from a caterpillar into what she eventually becomes an amazing butterfly.

Totem: Transformation, with patience and faith things will change and blossom again when the time is right. Butterflies also represent lightness and freedom within yourself.

They are the messengers for the soul and can also be a sign of a deceased loved one.

XXI The World, 

RW: You have com full circle with a live lesson. You have achieved something and are happy with it, proud of it, etc. Satisfaction, enjoy it!

My Own Tarot: Everything is incorporated in this card, the world, the four elements of the tarot. Earth, air, water and fire. The end of a cycle and on to a new beginning!

Totem: Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.

The Minor Arcana

The Swords (element air)

Ace: provides clarity in a bold way.

Two: unable to see and feel the truth.

Three: heartache and sorrow. Betrayal from a loved one.

Four: forced rest to recover & recharge.

Five: Between a rock and a hard place. You canโ€™t win.
Six: leaving a difficult situation to see the different angle.
Seven: misleading or being mislead.
Eight: a false sense of entrapment.
Nine: negative thoughts, guilt do not improve the situation.
Ten: No option left, you have to let go.
Page: listen to the criticism but always follow your heart.
Knight: Take action now.
Queen: you have the power to make your own decisions and stay independent.
King: makes decisions solely based on intellect.

The Wands (element fire)

Ace: Creativity flow, Inspired new beginning.
Two: Taking action or not? Choose!
Three: Success through stamina and vision
Four: A long awaited arrival of someone or some thing. Happy Time!
Five: Struggle, rivalry. Making problemsโ€ฆ
Six: Victory, success etc all good!
Seven: Hold your ground
Eight: Go Go Go! Now is the time to step up.
Nine: Endurance will bring triumph, your almost there.
Ten: Overload, more than you can handle. Ask for assistance.
Page: An exciting idea or proposal will be made to you.
Knight: Loves action and adventure, remains independent.
Queen: Loves attention, shows herself. Personal Power.
King: A decisive person with lots of willpower.

The Cups (element water)

Ace: All you need is Love. Love is all there is!
Two: trust & harmony in a relationship.
Three: Time to party, abundance is everywhere.
Four: you do no see what is offeredโ€ฆ. Moody
Five: lots is lost, but opportunities remain.
Six: Nostalgia and memories of the past.
Seven: So many things to choose from, choose wisely!
Eight: to grow, you have to leave important things.
Nine: Super content. Stability.
Ten: Happiness, fulfilment, feeling at home.
Page: Loving gesture, reconciliation.
Knight: love is in the air.
Queen: Rules through Intuition en feelings
King:a compassionate en understanding ruler.

The Pentacles (element earth)

Ace: Successful projects and substantial benefit.
Two: find and keep your balance.
Three: collaborate to build successfully .
Four: Let go and trust yourself.
Five: feeling isolated and without resources. Reach out!.
Six: Give/ receive but keep the balance.
Seven: impatient to reach your goal.
Eight: loosing yourself in learning a new skill.
Nine: Be proud and enjoy your achievement.
Ten: Celebrate your inheritance.
Page: prosperity will be offered
Knight: a solid foundation is provided.
Queen: represents growth. Connected to nature.
King: maintaining wealth through wisdom and goodness.